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November 10, 2012
FCMS - The 16th Conference on Health Care of the Chinese in North America

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Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies (FCMS) 16th Conference on Health Care of the Chinese in North America & Chinese American Medical Society (CAMS) 49th Annual Scientific Meeting.
Hosted by CAMS in cooperation with CAIPA, PCAMA, & ACAP.

Program Overview

Scientific knowledge about the health care needs and disparities of the Chinese in North America is rapidly increasing. This conference will feature disparities as a key organizing concept in thinking about health care issues for North American Chinese on both clinical and scientific levels, with the goal of healthy Chinese Canadians and Chinese Americans.

Course Description

The program will include presentations on new developments in a wide variety of fields relevant to Chinese, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, palliative medicine, pharmacogenomics, and mental health. In response to popular demand, there will be a series of lectures on research opportunities, and practice seminars. This conference will allow practitioners and researchers to come together to consider ways to improve health care for North American Chinese. A variety of formats, including live lectures, panel discussion, and interactive techniques such as workshops and small group discussions, will be used with followup evaluation to accomplish the conference objectives.

Keynote Speaker

We are honored to have Dr. Kenneth Chu as key note speaker. Dr. Chu was the first chief of the Disparities Research Branch, National Cancer Institute's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD). He pioneered some of the first real medical research on disparities in the underserved, paved the way for Asian Americans to conduct disparities research, and laid the foundations for cancer health disparities research.

Conference Objectives

1) To review evidence for disparities in disease risk factors, prevalence, and outcomes for Chinese in North America

2) To discuss the practice implications of disparities for health care delivery and management of disease by health care providers.

3) To discuss research concepts, questions, controversies, and future directions in selected health issues that face the North American Chinese community.

4) To identify common ground between researchers and practitioners in different fields to allow for cross fertilization of ideas, exchange of information, and development of a more cohesive community.

Target Audience
Physicians, health care professionals, and researchers who are interested in health care problems of the Chinese in North America
CME Credit Designation

Eight AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM will be applied for; the number of credits is subject to change.

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